I’m Graduating With A 2.1!

Omg! I got a 2.1! After three years of stress, and alcohol, and all the other joys of university, it’s all over. I’m obviously ecstatic with my news and I wanted to share it with you!

In my time I’ve had three internships, 3 committee positions in societies, a part- (nearly full-) time job in superdrug, and I worked in McDonald’s back at home in my first year. So it definitely hasn’t been a degree without stress, and sometimes I’m not really sure how I managed it. Bit I couldn’t be happier!

And now I’m taking a little time to myself before I start applying for full time jobs. Bring on the summer!

Katie x

5 thoughts on “I’m Graduating With A 2.1!

    1. Thanks šŸ™‚ I’m meeting up with my mum tonight to perfect my CV as I would like to be in a job in a month or so (and applications take so long). But I know what you mean, enjoy your summer <3

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