University Is Over….


It hasn’t really set in, and even saying it doesn’t feel real. But I have finished education. I have taken my last exam, and sat in my last lecture/class, and had my last music lesson. I mean I can’t say what I’m graduating with yet… but I know I have definitely passed. And it feels weird to say it: I am now a graduate.

The photo above is from our last ever Southampton University Symphony Orchestra, and I feel like it’s a great photo to end the year with. If any of your are considering going to University and aren’t sure.. yes it’s a hella expensive way to find yourself, but I really feel like I’ve come into myself since being at University. Seeing the person I was 3 years ago to the person I am now is scary.

And then I also have a degree… ahh what?!

So, sorry I’ve been so distant over the last 6 months or so, but ya know.. final year and all. My plan is now as follows: go back home, settle, then start applying for jobs (I have some money saved up to give myself a bit of a break).

So I’m back. And let me know if you have any requests for the next few months?

Katie x

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