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So I am a palette hoarder… I seriously have issues. I feel like high end makeup is one of those sections of makeup that I haven’t really explored, ad so I thought I would collate a little selection of palettes that I have been lusting over for the longest time.

Nars Narsassaist Loaded Palette £55 – Ok, this is beautiful, and since writing this post I have bought the Nars Narsassit (original) Palette, but I still really want this one as well – whoops. The colours in this are right up my street: that burgandy shade is complete goals.

Nars Isolde Duo £25 – So I actually bought this… but I’ve wanted this for the longest time. Every time Zoella does a makeup collection, she mentions how much she loves this, I want it even more. The colours are my favourite kind (warm, coppery, brown shades), and if Zoella loves it, then I’m sure I will!

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette £39.50 – I have literally wanted this for years! Since I started getting into makeup this has been one of those things I’ve wanted. And I feel lie I’m now really into my eyeshadows, and so I want it even more. Ok, I’m sure that makes no sense, but people always say these palettes are a staple in your collection, and after looking at the 4 of them, this is definitely the one that calls out to me most of all.

Stilla Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette Soul £30 – More warm toned nudes… oh what a shocker; you getting the impression that I live for these king of shades? I feel like no one really talks about this eyeshadow palette, but it literally contains all the shades I would ever want (which is why I own above 10 versions of it :P)

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar and Glow £49 – This product is so expensive considering it only has two products in it, but look at them! I feel like the bronzer is such a good colour and I’ve heard some great things about the formula. So, when I have some money spare… hmmm!

So, an excessively expensive wishlist, but meh! Makeup is one of those things I love collecting and owning, so I don’t even care! Hope you enjoyed this little post from me today! What’s on your high end palette wishlist?


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