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I started this entire venture during my second year at University, gave it up for the second semester of that year, and then bought it back up again in my third year. And there’s no denying it’s tough; juggling University work, lectures, dissertation, my part time job AND blogging all together… it explains why I’ve been a tad absent every so often since Christmas. However, I feel like I have gained some experience in the matter, and I thought I would share some of my tips with you.

Keep Some Sort of Routine

The thing I found hardest about University as a whole is there is no routine. I do an Arts based degree (music), and so our lectures are few and far between and basically all our work is done in our own time, and so I find myself missing my 8-4 routine of school. So, I found I needed to find some sort of routine… I tend to take mornings and evenings to myself and do work from 12-6 (or 2-6 during holidays).

Find a Place Where You Work Best

I find it really hard to work at my desk, like I get so distracted. So, I tend to get all my stuff together at home (photos for blog posts, printing off material for my work), and then head off for either Starbucks or the library and sit there for hours – it’s literally the only place I can work.


Unfortunately, you normally have to put University work first – you pay £9k a year for it after all. But, I tend to make lists… I’m a bit of a list addict, and then I complete everything on that list that NEEDS doing today (or over the next few days) and then move onto the stuff that I would like to get done – which is usually general blog maintenance, extra blog or youtube content, extra Uni work (I’m keen and I like to do it if I can), work for assignments that are due in a few weeks (rather than this week :P)

Work In Bulks & Schedule Posts

I tend to take photos for my blog in massive bulks (i.e. 6 blog posts at once), this is because taking everything and setting up my photo space, takes time, and I get into the editing frame of mine, and when I’m in that space I find it easier to keep going. I tend to write an entire weeks worth of blog posts in one go… maybe obsessive, but it’s what works for me… which leads wonderfully into my next point.

Do What Works For You

I could give you all the advice in the World, however, you essentially need to find out what works best for you. And, unfortunately, this takes time… but bare with it, you’ll get there!


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