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It’s been waaay to long – seriously, third year of University is single handedly the most stressful thing I’ve ever done! But I’m on my Easter break right now, so I’m back! And I’m very excited. I was nominated for an award by the lovely Ana from Falling For A Blog, and it seemed like the perfect post to start back with. Letting you guys get to know me again!

The rules are simple: once you’re nominated, you must write a post about the award which consists in sharing 7 facts about yourself your readers don’t know. Nominate as many bloggers as you like (max 15) to do the tag as well and let them know you’ve nominated them. So here we go!

1. I graduate in 15 weeks – I mean you all know I go to University, it’s not something I’ve kept a secret… however, I have 15 weeks left until my graduation day, and even less then that till I finish lectures (I finish at the end of May… aahhhhh).

2. I have a sugar addiction – I mean who doesn’t, but I love anything sugary… and I’m one of those people who if they’ve started a pack of something, that’s it, the whole thing is being eaten.

3. My favourite type of music is that I can imagine myself writing – O.K let’s get one things straight, I suck at writing music, but I’m actually a fairly good singer (I mean I do it as my degree…). But I like listening to music imaging myself singing it… is that vain? Maybe… whoops!

4. Reading is my favourite thing – you would think it’s music, but I feel like I live, breath and sweat music. However, I don’t get the time to get lost in a book as often as I’d like. I’m currently reading the game of thrones books (I know cliche), and I LOOOVE them!

5. I buy every edition of Glamour and Cosmopolitan – maybe I’m a cliche white b***h, who knows! (I’m joking btw) But I really love these magazines, I find they have some really interesting stories and information in, the adverts are actually things that interest me/I could actually afford, and it gives me great info for my blog.

6. I’m a snapchat addict – Seriously it’s an issue, I literally snap everything! (Usually me drunk on a night out… but we’ll skip past that!) Add me: katieemmasnaps!

7. I recently bleached my hair blonde – I mean you would know about this if you watch my YouTube channel (which I’ve been a bit absent on recently as well). But I went from having dark brown hair to ombre about 8 months ago, and then I went ginger about a month ago, and now it’s faded to blonde. And sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it… it’s a complicated relationship 😛

There ya go! Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me, now onto the blogs I’m nominating;

  1. Emily Rose
  2. Flowers And Dreams
  3. Emily N Max
  4. One Girl Blogger
  5. Beauty From Katie

Each of these girls have beautiful blogs and deserve so much more love and support than they currently have!



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