Possibly The Best Film Ever Released!


Ok, the title of this post is possibly the biggest claim ever made. However, whilst browsing through Netflix finding something to watch, I discovered this film; The Fundamentals of Caring. I have never watched a film that I’ve felt so strongly about before ever. I found myself cracking up, crying, smiling, heartbroken, like every emotion in the book. It’s both a comedy and a feel good film. And it’s a truly exceptional film, and I just had to tell you about it!

Apparently it’s based on a novel by Jonathan Evison – which I now NEED to read – and was released on Netflix mid last year.

The premise of the film is that Ben, a retired writer, after losing his son 3 years prior and going through a divorce, takes a 6 week course to become a carer. He ends up getting a job looking after an 18-year old called Trevor. Trevor is a sardonic, anxious boy with a fascination with American roadside attractions, and Ben suggests one day that they go to see some of them. They are later joined by Dot (played by Selena Gomez, who is a runaway teenager) and Peaches (a pregnant lady whose car has broken down).

I think this has to be my favourite quote from the entire film (and I apologise for swearing);

Dot: I told you I only date assholes.

Trevor: Yes, and I’m not an asshole. And since you want an asshole, my not being an asshole makes me more of an asshole than the assholes that you normally date, because they’re giving you exactly what you want, whereas I, by not being an asshole, am not. Which makes me an asshole.

Dot: I can’t believe I actually understood that.

You seriously NEED to watch this film! Let me know if you’ve seen it, and what you thought?


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