5 Things That Make My Morning Routine


My morning routine has basically remained unchanged since I started University 2 and a half years ago; I get up, I shower, I get dressed, I make a cup of tea, I watch Netflix while I get ready, and then I leave. It’s a very uninspiring morning routine, however, there are a few things I do to make my morning just that little bit more…. bearable!

  1. Open your curtains ASAP (if it’s light outside) – obviously not before you’ve gotten dressed – otherwise you might have some awkward encounters with your neighbours. But getting the light into your room will make you feel so much more awake. And if it’s dark outside… then… erm…
  2. Start your morning the night before – I get my skincare, makeup and outfit ready the night before and leave them on my desk. Not really because it saves time, but because it saves stress. Everything’s there, simple, easy, and no thoughts are needed.
  3. Don’t press snooze – I know right now you’re all screaming profanities at me. But, pressing that snooze button is actually really bad, it’ll make getting up so much harder. Just set the alarm for the exact time you actually need to get up, and then get up….
  4. Exercise – I know, that word is actually terrifying. But, I don’t mean go for a run, because I can entirely understand you hating it. (I mean you can if that’s what you like, because it will help) But do some stretches – who doesn’t love stretches?! Stretch out all your muscles just as you would before a workout… and then don’t. It’ll make you feel so much more awake without making you hate life because you suck at exercising!
  5. Treat yourself – No, I don’t mean chocolate, it can’t be advent all year round, I mean give yourself something to wake up to. I really love Netflix (or YouTube), so it’s in the mornings (and evenings, and actually most the day) when I specifically allocate half an hour or so to watch it.

They’re my tips that make my morning routine. Let me know yours below!


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