It’s OK To Stay At Home


I recently became single… for me this is a weird thing. Having jumped from long term relationship to long term relationship (1 year, 5 years, 1 year), I haven’t been single for a very very long time. I’m used to having someone there, like always, and being alone isn’t really a thing. When I randomly found myself single over a month ago, all my friends told me this was the start of my life; I could go out and get too drunk, I could chat up cute guys in cafes, I could basically do anything. And when I said all I wanted to do was sit at home, with a cuppa, and Netflix and just chill, they started worrying, thinking I was becoming some sort of recluse.

I love my own company. Not for days on end, otherwise I then get fed up of my own company. However, I like having evenings, and sometimes entire days to myself. I like cosying up in bed with a good book (usually something to do with my degree.. but I’m getting there) and shutting out the world for a bit.

And, you know what? That’s 100% ok

Obviously you need friends. Everyone needs friends. But, you need yourself too – you’re actually pretty important….

Loving myself is something I’ve never been comfortable with. I’ve been lucky to have been loved by 3 people in my life (other than family/friends), and they would always see things in me that I was completely unable to. But you know what? 2017 is my year. I don’t mean I’m going to diet and go to the gym and go out chatting up cute guys and dating and all that stuff people expect you to do when you speak about all this ‘new year new me’ stuff. I just mean I’m going to say yes to everything I want to, and no to those things I don’t.

You are the most important person in your life. And spending time, on your own, with yourself, is healthy, important and actually really good for you!

I get this blog post is a bit random. But I felt like I needed to talk.


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5 thoughts on “It’s OK To Stay At Home

  1. That’s the same with me. I love my boyfriend but me and all my family are really independent and have to have time away from people! It is really good being on your own 🙂 xox

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