Empties #4


The concept of holding on to all of your rubbish for the sake of reviewing it is one that many people don’t understand – and, sometimes, I have to say, I am part of this group. However, I filmed a little video over on my YouTube channel reviewing all of my empties. My highlights included;

Moroccan Oil Hair Oil – This stuff is a god send, it makes my hair feel so unbelievably soft and healthy that I’ve more or less completely stopped using hair masks. My hair routine goes as follows; shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, heat protection spray, blow dry, leave….

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask – For 99p you really can’t get anything better. Using this every so often (it recommends once a week), it leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated. And, I have to say, I love the entire range!

NIB & Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads – These are basically a heaven. They make more of a difference to my skin than anything I’ve ever used before. They’re just soaked pads that you rub over your face (I use them every morning) and they’ve really cleared up my face. I literally love them.

Provoke Touch of Silver – Whenever I used this people would ask whether I’d redied my hair. Seriously, this stuff makes a difference. I don’t notice it so much, but everyone else asks me about it. It makes my hair look so much… blonder (well the ends of my hair anyway, because my roots are still brown).

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation – The first foundation I’ve ever finished, and possibly the nicest foundation I’ve ever used. It has good coverage, it’s a great colour match, but it’s comfortable, breathable and looks stunning on the skin. I HAVE to buy another one of these.


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