Christmas Routine


Our family have had the same morning routine since I was 14, and even before that the only change was that we used to open Santa presents – which I now don’t get anymore. So, I thought I would share it with you, because it’s one of my favourite days… of the entire year.

8am – Wake up. That’s actually a lay in for everyone in our house. But for many people, this is probably really early.

8.30am – A cuppa and a quick chat. We spend this time of the day getting excited, talking about what we’re looking forward to. And catching dad up with what we did at mum’s on Christmas Eve

9am – My brother pops round and we have breakfast. My brother is our next door neighbour (cute I know), so he pops over and I cook the world’s largest batch of porridge, over two different pans.

9.30am – Shower/dress. We all disperse back to our rooms/houses, and get ready for the day. We don’t dress up as such, but we tend to wear Christmassy things.

10am – Open presents! We tend to take a long time over this. Not because we have lots of presents, but because we spend the morning talking, laughing, eating mince pies, and (in the case of my brother) drinking… already.

12pm – Pop over to grandparents (dad’s parents are our other next door neighbours… haha) for lunch, more mince pies, and some more pressies from that side of the family. We tend to have a sort of buffet lunch and catch up.

2.30pm – We go for a walk, taking the dog with us, and head down to the pub for a drink. Our local pup opens for a few hours in the afternoon, and it’s always rammed. So, we head on down and catch up with some family friends.

4pm – This is the time we have to ourselves. Usually that moment when we take all our stuff to our room and look through everything. In the case of my brother, he checks all his games… for me all my social media… for my older brother, he has another drink.. for dad he does a lap of the nursery and makes sure all the flowers are ok (he does that alot. He’s obsessed).

5.30pm – Christmas dinner. It varies where this is. We used to have it at ours, every year. But now dad has a girlfriend with a fairly young family, we tend to go over there. But, we are one of those classic Christmas dinner people; turkey, pigs in blankets, chocolate logs, crackers, the whole shabang.

10pm – Head home, have another drink, and then head to bed.

We literally stick to this exact routine every single year.. maybe a bit weird. But it works for us, and it’s what we do. Do you have a routine every single Christmas?


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