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Buying people makeup as Christmas presents all the time – trust me I work in Superdrug! However, Revolution have upped their game and have created personalised makeup presents that are really cute and super affordable. I feel like they’re the perfect present that’s had a little bit of thought (so it looks like you’ve thought about it), but it general enough to be a great present for a number of your friends!

N.B: I am a Libra. I don’t really believe in star signs.. but I like the colours anyway…


The Lipgloss is definitely the most beautiful ‘lipgloss’ I’ve ever had! At £3 from Superdrug it’s a massive bargain. But I have to say I love this. It’s super pigmented, matte (yeah I know), yet comfortable, and the colour is gorgeous! However, I am still completely flummoxed why it’s called a lip gloss….


The Complete Eye Base is a really unusual but clever product. At £5 from Superdrug it’s also a great steal. It comes with an eyeshadow primer, 3 eyeshadows (2 shimmery, 1 matte), a highlighter and 2 brow powders. I find the primer a little greasy, but I like the fact they included it. The three eyeshadows are beautiful and very up my street. They’re fairly pigmented, they blend well, and they they create an entire eye look in 3 shadows. The highlighter is a subtle highlighter that would work well for a multitude of skin tones. And the brow shades are beautiful, but would only work for those of us with brown hair – of which I am luckily one of.


The lipgloss is stunning, and the palette is a great travel piece. And for £8 for the both of them, it would make a great present!

What do you think?


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