700 Followers & Life Update


Here we go again, another milestone. I actually can’t believe I keep having these, and I am forever grateful that you lot continue to follow my journey. Today I actually hit 706 followers; which is sooo exciting.

Quick life update; Kevin and I broke up. There you go, I said it. There’s not a specific reason, we just didn’t work, and we make significantly better friends that we do partners. So, all is good.

So, from now on I feel like I can devote more time to this. I am definitely one to keep busy, and so I look forward to the new year. This one has definitely been a crazy one. To think in June I had 80 followers, with 10 views a day – if that. And now look where I am.

I’ve also made some great friends over the last few months!

Thank you!


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13 thoughts on “700 Followers & Life Update

      1. yeah I had read another post of yours later hehe, I wanted to know how to make the progress go faster of growing your blog, cause I think I also started around the same time, like July and I have not blogged as much as I should have, I took it slow cause I was in no rush I was going it for so when I hit like 200 or so I was so surprised.

      2. Congrats! I blog because it’s a break from music 😛 doing a music degree, and with music being like every one of my hobbies, it’s nice to do something else. 🙂

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