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I’m not much of a fragrance person… at least I wasn’t. And then recently I really got into wearing scents; more specifically sweet scents. To me these are all super sweet scents (and I can’t really descibe them more then that, because I suck). But I wanted you guys to know what scents I’m currently loving/wearing.

The Body Shop Stawberry Body Mist – Not the longest lasting, but a beautiful strawberry smell. One of those scents people always comment on when I spray it.

So…? Fruity – Like the child version of the Body Shop one. But I’m a 90s kid, and so So…? fragrances have a special place in my heart.

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Body Mist – Such a blogger product. But it’s a really lovely sweet smell, and it’s one you should all give a sniff if you like a sweet smell.

DKNY Blossom – This mixes the florals and the sweets together. Love this, and the packaging is super cute.

Michael Kors Midnight Shimmer – Such a sweet, yet luxurious fragrance. I love love love love love this fragrance, and I’m forever spraying the sample at work on me… whoops.

Little Mix Gold Magic – This is the freshest of my fragrances. It has a sweet undertone, but it’s still very fresh. I love this!

What are your favourite fragrances?


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