My Photo Album


When I was younger, the whole fun in having an album was that you could fill it with all your memories. Usually each photo had a little pink blur in the corner from where you’d put your finger over the lens and hadn’t realised – because you couldn’t see the pictures you took. You used to send them off, or take them to Boots, and then wait for a week or so while they developed them and sent them back in that classic envelope we all remember. 

Now you say to people you own physical photos from the last 5 years, and they stare at you like you’ve just wasted a fortune. Personally, I feel like nothing beats a tangible object, one that you can flick through and look at without having to go in an out of different folders, memory cards, or Facebook accounts. And while digital photos are a huge part of my life, and I only print a very very VERY tiny fraction of the photos I take (i.e. my album isn’t full of photos of lipstick for example, or – in this case – photos of photos). I like cherry picking my favourite photos of my life, and sticking them together in a scrap book.

I just have one of the plain scrapbooks from Paperchase, and then use double sided sticky tape squares to stick the photos on with; there’s something strangely therapeutic about it. And while I’m a bit behind (I need to stick photos in from the last year) it’s not something I plan to give up any time soon.

Am I the only one who has a photo album (excluding their baby albums.. that doesn’t count) these days?


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