Festive Lipstick Options


We all love a festive lip option. They’re basically all reds (exlcluding the Gold and the pinky shade…) but they’re shades that I wear all the time!

Staniac Lip Stain – Such a natural colour, super long wearing, more of a stain than a lipstick and so really easy to wear in the super cold weather.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Jolie-de-vin – A beautiful deep red. Love it!

L’Oreal Gold Obsessions in Pure Gold and Red Gold – Paired together, these are a completely stunning combination!

Rimmel Kate Moss 51 Muse Red, 01 Red Nose Day & 107 – We all knew Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks would end up in here, and I have three. Each with very subtly different understones. But I love them all… sooo much.

What are your festive lipstick favs?


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