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I’m very much due to sort out my wardrobe – it’s one of things at the top of my to-do list for Vlogmas! And so I’ve been looking up online tips and tricks to sorting out your wardrobe, and I thought I would share with you my rehearch.

Step 1 | Decide What it is You Want

This is sort of like finding your style. However, if you, like me, don’t really know what your style is, then make a decision of where you want your fashion and your life to go. I feel like if you know what you’re looking for in your wardrobe, you’ll know what to get rid of.

When you start organise something (basically) have a rough vision of what you hope to achieve by the end of it. AND make it reasonable. If you have only have £100 left in your bank account (which is a lot for a student), you won’t be able to rebuy your entire wardrobe, or buy loads of cool storage.

Step 2 | Get Everything Out and Put Everything Into Piles

When you see all your clothes in a bundle of mess in your wardrobe it’s hard to see what you actually have. So, get everything out, but don’t just get things out, organise them on your bed/floor/desk. Put all shirts together, trousers, underwear, jackets, coats, etc. This will you really get to grips with what you have.

Step 3 | Assess Your Space

I think this is an important step; the bigger the wardrobe, the more clothes you can have. The more hanging space you can have the more you can hang… nah… You get the idea! Basically you need to know how much you need to downsize, or whether you need to downsize at all or literally just put everything back – but in an organised fashion.

Step 4 | Sort Out Your Clothes

I feel like this is actually the hardest part, and sometimes having the help of friends and family will make this easier. There’s also another tip I’ve read online which I think I’m going to try; when you’ve worn an item of clothing put tape on the hanger when you put it back. Keep doing this for a fortnight/month/allocated time, and then any items that don’t have tape on them you can review; are they only not being worn  because they’re an occasion piece, or because they’re broken (if so FIX IT)… or because it’s not your style anymore?

Step 5 | Deal With The Clothes You Don’t Want

Clothes that are damaged/underwear/things you really can’t give to anyone else, chuck. Very valuable items you can chose to sell to try and claw back some of the money you’d be losing. Give any items of clothing to friends and family who may or may not want them. Then bring the rest to the charity shop. Whatever you chose to do, get it out your house, and as soon as possible, otherwise you’ll change your mind and shove them back in your wardrobe.

Step 6 | Put Things Back in Sections

Hang the stuff that needs hanging first, put things in drawers, and then evaluate what you’ve got left. You might need to invest in some baskets or something, but you don’t really need to. This is quite a hard thing to describe, as it entirely depends on your personal style, your space, your clothes and your wardrobe.

Step 7 | Live With It For A Bit

Step 6 isn’t the end. You need to live with your new wardrobe for a bit to see whether it works for you. Then if you find out that your PJs need to be easy to reach because you wear them all the time (guilty) then you can move them.

Then I guess you just need to keep it up… which is not always easy…

I can’t wait to sort out my wardrobe!


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