Beauty Mysteries We Can Never Understand


They were doing this on the Supderdrug radio and it really cracked me up. It felt good to know I wasn’t alone in my troubles, so I thought I would share it with you so that you don’t feel alone either – haha!

  1. How your hairbrush is full of hair, but you still have hair left on your head – where is all this hair coming from?!
  2. Hair grips/hair bands/any hair accessory. I feel like I have bought 1000s of hair bands and clips over my life and I literally have no idea where they go… does someone eat them or something.
  3. Why does your hair feel fine until you take it out, and then your scalp hurts – please tell me I’m not the only one, if so… well.. that’s awkward.
  4. How can a salon make your hair look so perfect, but when you use their exact products and copy their technique it just looks so meh.
  5. What wizardry do hairdressers use when they wash your hair… it feels so good – is that weird? maybe.
  6. Why is the inside of makeup bags always covered in makeup – seriously, I never notice that anything’s open, but I always have to replace makeup bags because they’re filthy… my drawers don’t get dirty!
  7. When products come with a pump, how the hell do you get the product out the bottom of the bottle….?!
  8. Why do we never finish Shampoo and Conditioner at the same time – honestly, if you have this magic ability, you need to let us all know your secret! But I always get through conditioner so much quicker than shampoo!
  9. Why do brands always discontinue the one product I love – I know for sure I’m not alone with this, the amount of people who come into Superdrug to find a product that’s been discontinued is insane!

Seriously, if any of you actually have an answer to one of these, please let me – and the rest of the world – know.


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