Points Cards; Which Ones Are Worth It?


I’m a bit of a points card lover… ok I’m actually obsessed. Working in retail, in a company that has a points card, I see both ends of the spectrum; people who absolutely hate them, people who collect them like some people collect spoons, and those who get desperately upset and demand to see a manager because they’ve missed out on 2 points (i.e. 2 pence).

Essentially they all collect points (minus the Go Outdoors one, which is a paid membership to get discount) but I thought I would share with you which ones I love and why – I know this is a weird blog post, but I was thinking about it the other day, and I thought ‘why the heck not’. I’m not going to do a ‘Top x’ format because essentially these are the cards that I carry round with me all the time anyway – there isn’t a Superdrug card, because I have a staff discount card… so…


Birthday Treats

If you, like me, like free stuff for your Birthday the two that really stand out for me as having a decent Birthday treat (not just double points) are Paperchase and The Body Shop. Each gives you £5 free to spend in store on whatever the heck you want! So that’s £10! A few other cards have points cards, but these win!

Free Hot Drink & Cake?

I remember when this first happened and people went crazy for it, but all the original Waitrose/John Lewis customers weren’t so stoked for it. You would get a free voucher every month for a pot of tea/coffee and a cake in store; which costs like £5 usually. However, they’re discontinuing this (boo!) and only offering it to selected customers via they’re shopping habits… not sure I’ll ever use it again….

Hopefully they’ll take it back up after the Christmas period; as they’ve said they’re stopping it to take the pressure off the cafes during the busy Christmas months.


Best ‘Points’

I think the card I have saved the most with is the Body Shop card; you get a £5 for every £50 you spend (i.e. 10% off), and occasionally this is £5 per £25?! I think I’ve had about £25 from them in the two years I’ve had the card (free Birthdays and from spending money). Also Boots have triple points on around public holidays and so thats 12 points per £, and so basically 12 % off – I once managed to get to £55 worth of points on my card, and I mean I currently have £8, so you can build them up pretty quickly. If you download the app onto your phone there are loads of points boosting deals on there (usually 150 points when you spend £15 and 5 more).

Exclusive Members Discounts

I’m sure a few of these come to mind; but the first one that comes to mind for me is Superdrug. Every Thursday with their Health and Beauty Cards, members can get 10/20% off stuff in store (makeup accessories, fragrances, hair dyes, lipsticks, you name it). They also have 20% off fragrances on selected weekends throughout the year, and some products are reduced specifically for members. And you collect the super exciting 1 point (1 pence) per £… which is obviously amazing… hmm.

Obviously, these are English shops, but what member cards do you completely love and why? And are you part of the crowd that think the entire thing a complete waste of time?


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2 thoughts on “Points Cards; Which Ones Are Worth It?

  1. My favourite has to be Debenhams and Fenwicks beauty cards. Debenhams is the easiest to save up because monetary rewards aren’t instantaneous, they’re awarded the third Thursday of each month (I believe). I’ve easily gotten at least £100 out of my Debenhams beauty card. Fenwicks is a stamp per every £10 spent, and you need around 18 stamps I believe to get £10 off. This sounds like you have to spend a lot, and you do, but there is an advantage. They’re paper cards, not electronic, and often nice counter girls will give you an extra stamp, round up to £10’s etc. So you get a bit more for your buck.

    xo Millie

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