ASOS Christmas Jumper Wishlist


Come one, who doesn’t love a good Christmas Jumper? Because I sure do! So, I thought I would create a little Wishlist of my favourite Christmas Jumpers that currently reside on the ASOS website! Let me know if you’re super excited for Christmas?

Christmas Jumper Dress £35 | Paired with black tights and little, black, ankle boots, this would be adorable. I feel like this would be a perfect Christmas Day outfit.

Robin Jumper £18 | I feel like this is a really cute take on the Christmas Jumper; a nice, subtle robin placed on a grey jumper. Great for those who really don’t like Christmas Jumpers.

Foundation Christmas Jumper £22 | This is basically the culmination of every Christmas Jumper; patterns, snowflakes, snowmen… what more could you want?

For The Love of Tinsel £9.50 | Another subtle Christmas jumper. Except from the subtle, fluffy jumpers.

Christmas Reindeer Jumper £15 | OMG this are soo cute! And actually I think it’s my favourite, just look at the Reindeer… it’s adorable.

Bobble Hat Penguin Jumper £18 | When you put a Bobble on something, it makes it suddenly cheesy and tacky..  but that’s what Christmas jumpers are all about!

Co Ord Knitted Jumper and Skirt £20 + £25 | This takes Christmas jumpers to a whole new classy level! You get to buy a matching skirt and jumper.

Retro Christmas Jumper £22 | For those of you who love grey and white, you’ll love this.


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