Things Only 90s Kids Will Know


I’m sure I’m not the only one who loved my childhood, and who stares at all these 7 year old wearing makeup with, £800 phones, spending their lives online and wonders what happened to childhood. 90s kids had a good run of things, and these are the things that I, for sure, miss from the 90s… and after some discussion with friends.. other people do too.

1. The family mobile phone – I don’t know about you, but I didn’t get my first phone till I was 13 (and I went to ‘big’ school MILES from my house). We had a family nokia (which is still going strong) that we used to share whenever one of us left the house…

2. Flip phones – seriously how sassy did you feel snapping your phone shut when you had finished talking?!

3. The awkward moment when your personal CD player stopped playing because it was no longer flat in your bag – seriously, whenever you held it sideways, it would stop playing!

4. MP3 players – who remembers these?! The predecessor to the iPod.. you used to be able to store a whopping 2GB worth of music on these things!

5. 1 Penny sweets – do these things even exist any more? I remember going to the shop with my brother and being able to buy an entire feast on only £1?! would barely even buy you a chocolate bar now?!

6. The 50p Beano – apparently these are £2.50 now?! I mean WTFFFFF!!!! My brother and I used to get the Beano every week to read… such fun!

7. MSN messenger – seriously what happened to MSN? I used to spend so many hours on there, chatting away, with the very blurry, mute video of your face in the bottom  left (or is it right.. I’ve forgotten) side of the screen.

8. Snake – OMG who else loves snake… ooh and Tetris… and that weird game where you were a line at the bottom of the screen and you moved left and right to bounce a ball, with the objective of not missing it when it bounces at the bottom of the screen. Oh how we all used to love those games!

9. Playboy – who else remember when the Playboy logo was plastered onto EVERYTHING and it was the cool thing to own….. however, I don’t think anyone really knew what it meant.

10. Floppy Discs – oh these things crack me up now. You could only put all of 3 documents on them… and used to break all the time… and you would be forever losing data off them!

11. Groovy Chick – is this still going? I don’t know. But, I feel like every 7-12 year old girl had a Groovy Chick bed sheet, or poster, or stickers, or just something!

12. Tammy Girl – I used to feel sooo cool going into BHS and whizzing round to the Tammy Girl section. I think my entire wardrobe came from there!

13. Dial Up – my family had a business, for which the landline was the business number, so we were restricted to all of 1 hour a week online!! Imagine that now, telling a child they’re only allowed 1 hour of internet a week.. Pfft! Because you either had your landline number…. or your internet!

14. Spending house designing your bebo profile on paint – you’d get all the dimensions.. and design all the little components of your bebo page you could on paint and then export them across. I used to spend hours doing that… most of them saying ‘single pringle’ on them!

15. Moving a TV being a family affair – TVs were HUGE, and actually in my student house we still have one of those mega TVs (I guess, at least, it’ll never get stolen).

16. Teachers rolling out the TV stand and getting out VHS tapes – OMG we used to get so excited when this happened… because it meant you could spend the house (or so) doodling! And there was at least 5 minutes where you could talk while the teacher had to rewind the video.

Let me know any childhood memories that you have that make you chuckle?


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8 thoughts on “Things Only 90s Kids Will Know

  1. Aw this is so relatable! SO glad I found your blog through Bloglovin’. I think we probs have a lot of similarities. I’m at Uni in Portsmouth atm and I could relate to nearly all of these points! Great blog post babe xoxo

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