10 Reasons Why I’m Loving Autumn


I used to hate Autumn – I know, blasphemy! I love warmth, and sun, and ice cream, and basically everything about Summer; excluding Wasps… obviously. And Autumn to me signified the beginning of colder weather, rain, spiders in the house, and having a cold… constantly.

However, this year I’ve really approached Autumn in a different light; it’s the start of my final year of University, I turned 21, I’ve really got into makeup, and jumpers, and cozying up and basically everything about Autumn. So, I thought I would share with you 10 things I’m loving about Autumn.

  1. Tea – I know, it’s meant to be pumpkin spiced lattes, or something else as posh sounding as that, but, I don’t like coffee… While I drink tea all year round, it’s just a tad too hot to drink tea in Summer all day, so Autumn signifies the return of 6 cups a day!
  2. Jumpers – I have been a lover of jumpers for a number of years… seriously guys, prepare for Christmas (ahh, the dreaded C word)!
  3. Makeup – I know this is a vague category, and I should be saying ‘Berry lips’ and all that, however, to be honest I’ve been loving makeup. I can now wear makeup without it melting off my face.
  4. Food – Now this is seriously something I love all year round, but Autumn (and Winter) is the time for soup, and casseroles and all that hearty food!
  5. Money – This is something that only really applies to people in the UK turning 16, 18, 21, or 25… but minimum wage goes up when you’re 21… so I now earn 80p more an hour!!
  6. New Academic Year – Gives me a chance to reorganise my life, rejig my regimes and I find I keep up changes a lot better doing it now that in January.
  7. Hats – Ooooh how I love hats! I remember when I was younger (14-16) I was obsessed with a tassel hat with a pom pom on top, now I’m massively into the fedora. But to be honest, I hate Summer hats, and I’m super excited for Autumn hats!
  8. Burgundy – I actually love this colour! On the lips, on the face, on my nails, in my fashion, house decor, basically anywhere. Burgundy is actually a stunning colour.
  9. Internet Shopping – For some reason, when Autumn rolls round, I seem to spend a lot of time scrolling through online websites; even online sites to highstreet stores – mainly Boots, New Look and John Lewis.
  10. CHRISTMAS – Ok, I know it’s October, but the shops are already stocking Christmas stuff. However, this year I am completely buzzin’ for Christmas! I feel like it’s going to be a great year! And I am so excited!

What are you loving about Autumn this year?


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