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A what’s in my bag YouTube video is one of those all time classics. It was also, believe it or not, one of my first blog posts!! However, I believe my style and skill has come leaps and bounds since the day of taking photos outside in my garden (yep, that was me). However, not only has my style changed, but so have I. Since writing that blog post I’ve become a significantly more organised person, actually ventured into high end makeup, and just generally grown up – a lot.

I thought it was about time the entire post was updated. So here is what I currently carry around with me on an everyday basis.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m an insanely organised person, and I don’t go anywhere without both my Academic Diary (I still have a diary which runs from August-August, because I’m a University student), Notebook (this one was from Sainsbury’s – they have some beautiful, yet really affordable, note books. And I write many lists in this one) and a Pen (to write with.. did that really need explaining?). These three items help keep my scattered thoughts and terrible memory in check. And help me successfully (most the time) juggle my degree, blogging life, YouTube, part time retail job, part time internship, societies and social life to the best of my ability.

I have all the usual essentials people carry with them; iPhone5C (in a practical purple case, which also holds my Bank CardID, and essential cards in it), Keys (on a very trendy Superdrug lanyard), and Cash (and yep, I had to sneak in one of England’s new £5 notes… look how pretty it is!… Wow I’m sad).

I also have an entire purse devoted to points cards; my Points Card Purse. I am an addict! Like, seriously I love points cards so much! I usually take these with me, for impromptu shopping trips.

I carry some essential toiletries; Impulse (an easy, light fragrance), Hand Cream (at the moment, I’m loving Hand Food by Soap and Glory), and Antibacterial Hang Gel (this is the Body Shop Strawberry one).

And last, but not least, 2 (non-essential) beauty items; whatever Lipstick I’m wearing that day and the Benefit Boi-ing Concealer (it is literally the perfect shade for me, and helps me re-cover anything I don’t want people to see). Sometimes I carry Powder, but then I have to carry a Brush too, and so I try to avoid taking it.

And that’s everything – obviously there are additional things when I go to University (laptop etc), or work (name badge), but these are the items I take EVERYWHERE. what are yours?


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