How To Juggle Life With Blogging


I’m not talking about those lucky people who get to blog full time (because they have an entirely different kind of juggling in terms of time management), I’m talking about those of us who have full time jobs, or are in full time education, who blog on those rare moments/evenings/weekends that we have to ourselves.

A little background of me, for those who don’t know. I’m a full time Music Undergraduate going into my final year at the University of Southampton, I have Committee positions in my societies, a part time Marketing Internship and a part time Retail job in Winchester. I am a busy person, with very little spare time on my hands. However, blogging is something that I love to do as a distraction, a release, and to be honest, something different. With any degree, especially one as life consuming as Music, I find I spend all day thinking and breathing music; be it lectures, Orchestra, Choir, instrumental practice, reading, listening, writing essays, planning my dissertation – you get the idea. I like that in my spare time (however limited it might be) I get to do something different.

And while every University student has seen this diagram;


believe it or not, there is a way to juggle all three. If you’re efficient and spend just a little time every week organising… your week. And, on the final year of my education, when it’s just a little bit too late, I feel like I have mastered the technique of juggling life and blogging and school and everything.

I have three major tips for you;

  1. Write everything down. Be it in a diary, note book, on your phone, or anything. Getting stuff down on paper will help you empty your brain and stay more organised.
  2. Allocate time for stuff. This sounds a bit easier than it sounds. But I always say University between 9-5, then I leave University at University and my evenings are for blogging/friends.
  3. Mass write blog posts. The longest part of anything is setting it up. I try to write (or at least take all the photos for) a week worth of blog posts at once, then I only have to allocate time on one day a week to blogging.

What’re your tips?


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