Review: John Frieda Kelp Help Hair Mask


I’d always written off John Frieda as one of those expensive brands that I would never be able to afford. However, a few months back it was better than half price in Superdrug (literally it was about £2.50), so I thought it was the PERFECT time to give it a go.

I instantly fell in love and posted this photo on instagram. (EDIT: By beach blonde hair mask I meant this Beach Blonde Kelp Help Hair Mask).


And now, 3 tubs later, I feel like I have a very strong opinion of this hair mask, and I really really wanted to share it with you!

I started this blog post saying this hair mask was expensive. But, it really isn’t – I’m not sure what I was thinking. At the cost of £5.99-£6.29 (depending where you buy this from), it’s really not that much more than your average hair mask. Apparently I’m just tight about stuff like this. You also get a fair amount for your money.

A little hair history; I have bleached blonde hair, it’s super long, I straighten it about once a week, and my hair is (was) pretty damaged. I had tried a number of other hair masks, but nothing had really worked. Hence why I thought I would give this one a go.


It has a really nice spa/seaside like scent, it’s a thick, white texture and I leave it in my hair for about 5 mins in the shower after using my normal shampoo and conditioner. Every time I use this people always compliment my hair the next day, and a surprising number of people ask me if I’ve re-dyed my hair (which, I haven’t). It makes my hair super soft and shiny, and it looks a lot more healthy, my split ends seem reduced, and I have the old healthy look and feel of my hair from before bleaching.


This hair mask is literally a life saver for me. I try not to use it ALL the time, and I don’t want it to lose it’s effectiveness. But I tend to use it in alternation with other hair masks, but I can always tell the next day if this is the mask I’ve used. It’s AMAZING and if any of your have damaged hair then GIVE THIS A GO!


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