My Ultimate Brush Set


I have purchased so many brushes in my lifetime, and actually, not that long ago, I chucked most of them in the bin. Now, I feel like I have my perfect tools for every occasion! There are a couple of brands that I always return to; mainly Real Techniques, B. and Beau Belle.

Abody Brush – This has no name. It comes from this set off Amazon, which was only £5.49 for 9 brushes. And they’re actually really nice brushes, and this one is great for buffing in foundation.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush – This one is a complete staple, and has been for some time. Perfect for applying foundation, and quick.

Real Techniques Contour Brush – I know this is theoretically a concealer brush, but it works amazingly for Concealer. It fits in all the contours of the face, and I luuurve it!

B. Powder Brush – This brush is huge, soft, and looks beautiful! Perfect for applying brushes.

B. Flat Contour Brush – If you want some seriously chiseled cheeks.. which.. sometimes I do, then this is perfect! Dense, soft, yet still allows you to blend like a dream


Beau Belle Contour Brush – This range pops up a few times, the main review is here, but this is definitely one of my favs! Great for a generic bronzing and a more subtle contour.

Real Techniques Blush Brush – A huge, but pointed, brush that is perfect for applying a much or as little blush as you want!

Real Techniques Angled Highlighter Brush – I used to use a fan brush for highlighter, but it really wasn’t giving me that wow highlight I wanted. So, I moved on to this brush, and I haven’t looked back. If you like a really unsubtle highlighter, then you will love this!

Beau Belle Spoolie – to be honest any one would work, but this one was cheap, and works perfectly well!

Revolution Eyeshadow Brush – These types of brushes are my favourites, and you will see a few of them in this post, but this is the first. It’s a super short bristled, dense eyeshadow brushes that lets you get some real pigment in your eyeshadows.

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush – Just like it says on the tin, this brush is perfect for that base, all over the lid, the one you blend everything into, eyeshadow.


Real Techniques Shading Brush – I love using this to apply and partly blend all the crease colours. It works so well, and I don’t really think you can go wrong with Real Techniques.

Beau Belle Eyeshadow Blending Brush – This is the perfect, big, fluffy brush to blend out all those edges in your eyeshadow.

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush – Not one I use often, but it is definitely the best one I’ve found. It’s a super fine, no too soft, not too hard brush that is perfect for gel eyeliner.

Let me know if there are any affordable (under the £12 mark) brushes that you think I should try!


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  1. I use the Real Techniques Blush and Buffing brushes every day, I love them. You should check out Morphe Brushes on Beauty Bay and Spectrum Brushes. They are both really affordable and their brushes are amazing quality.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

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