21 Photos for 21 Years | IT’S MY 21ST BIRTHDAY!

So today we’re celebrating 21 years of me! The lucky people of my family and friends from home have been putting up with me for 21 years (geez, don’t know how they’ve done it). Some people have been lucky enough to only have known me for 1 or 2 years! Haha!

I’m getting off topic. The point is, today is my 21st Birthday, while in England that basically just means a higher minimum wage it’s still a pretty big year. I feel like now I should be able to class myself as a fully fledged adult… hmmm..

But I thought it would be fun to humiliate myself on this wonderful day and share with you 21 photos from my 21 years spanning from my second day on this Earth (guess I wasn’t presentable enough for my first day…) all the way to yesterday!

Hope you enjoy!

(PS: ignore some of the picture qualities. I was a 90s kid, and unlike the children of today, we had naff camera and most of these are scanned photos – yes, I know, some of these photos aren’t digital.. I mean what?!)

Me and my great grandmother
Me, my rents, my brothers, and my second cousin (I’m the one holding the bear… yup, still have it to this day)
Me and my grandma’s dog
Me and my older brother
Me and my first pet! Featuring the teddy again (looking significantly more battered, and our dog.)
Me being such a poser!
Me and my little brother
Me at Cromer beach – loving the time stamp. These used to be the bane of my life!
Me and my little brother on our first day at Bedford Modern School
Me, brother, and dad in Egypt
Such a classic selfie!
Me and my friends at Sophie’s 14th (I think) – although there’s a significant lack of Sophie….
Me and my brother – and one of our many selfies
Wow I never looked happy in photos
Me, dad and brother in Madiera
Oooh I’m starting to smile
Me and my best friend!
Freshers year & Freshers flat (sort of)
SUSingers Tour
Me and Kevin in Turkey
And now I’m as silly and grown up (errmm) as I’m ever going to be


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