10 Things University Has ACTUALLY Taught Me


Yes, University (or College for those of you in America) teaches you independence, and friendship, and all that fun jazz – and obviously whatever subject you’re studying. Because, yes, I have learnt a heck of a lot about Music. But, there are a lot of stuff that University teaches you that no one will ever tell you. So, here we go;

  1. Your Parent’s house will be the cleanest place you’ve ever been – and no, I don’t mean just those people who live in basically a show home (while I’m very envious of you). I mean I grew up on effectively a farm house, with a dog, and a dad, who would come in very late at night (and breakfast, and lunch) after working all day in the dirt. I studied A Levels, and tried to keep the house clean. So, no, my house wasn’t clean… but nothing compares to a University House.
  2. Washing takes a YEAR to dry – I don’t know if it’s because all Student Houses are full of damp, but I swear my washing didn’t take this long to dry when I was at home. Like seriously!
  3. Food is expensive – like seriously. I mean I get why tax is important and all! But it doesn’t half make everything hella expensive (and yes, I know most food isn’t taxed, because it’s essential, but let’s face it, I live off junk food – I’m a student).
  4. Students can eat proper food – I know, sort of doesn’t fit with the previous comment, but students can eat veg and proper meat. We are allowed to. You just have to spend less money on something else.
  5. Long distance relationships hurt (but can last) – I was in a long distance relationship with my high school boyfriend during Freshers Year, and while we were determined to make it last, it never did. And all of my flat mates who were with their high school boyfriends have broken up. However, I know people who are still together with their high school partners.
  6. There will be a Chinese guy in your flat who you will basically never meet – I’m being serious. This isn’t racist. I have a flat mate (called Hanyu) – who, don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice guy, and a great flat mate – but we go for weeks on end not seeing him. I remember freshers week, he moved in, then vanished. We actually went to Student Services and reported it to find out if he was ok. Turns out he just randomly went to London for a month (not that he had lectures or anything).
  7. Trains are expensive – to be honest you find out everything is expensive. But you are all like ‘I’ll be home every other weekend, I love you’ and you cry when you say goodbye to your parents. But going home is really expensive. Unless you’re lucky enough to go to University not far from home, then any journey through London (which I have to take) will break your bank just to go home.
  8. Not all readings are essential – I know, controversial. You spend your entire school life doing everything your teacher tells you (or is that just me). But, when you get to University there is a lot of reading to do. But, to be honest, it’s not all essential. And most of the textbooks you’re meant to buy are in the library!
  9. Laptops are literally your life line – I know no one NEEDS a laptop. But seriously, they tell you your University is full of computers if you don’t have one. But, Netflix will be your best friend (whoops!), and most of the computers at University are full of people using a laptop as well (like seriously, you don’t need a laptop AND a computer).
  10. Your Student Discount will actually be a curse – what?! You’re all probably thinking that I know. We all dream of the days we can get 10+% off at most shops. However, you all keep thinking ‘but I have 10% off’ and you end up spending all your student finance on stuff you really don’t need!

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