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I am going to celebrate my 21st Birthday in under 2 week! (EEeeekkk!). I’m currently in that moment of my life when I’m requesting stuff from people. So, I’ve created my wishlist; a list of stuff I want for my Birthday!

Nikon AF 28mm f/2.8

The lens on my camera is going, it’s literally on it’s way out – slightly depressing. But, I am 100% in the market for a new one… hopefully dad will get it for me! And I can be back, successfully, on the blogging front.

Nars Isolde Eyeshadow Duo | £25

I have lusted over this since the day Zoella introduced me to it years ago! And now I want it.. bad! However, £25 for two eyeshadows?! Geez!

Mac Twig | £15.50

This is one of those Mac lipsticks that have been on my wishlist for the longest time. It’s beautiful, wearable, and I love it!

Dressing Gown | £32

To be honest any dressing gown will do, but this one is just adorable! It’s getting into those winter months, and student housing is everything but warm in winter.

The Perfect Black Boot | £45

Once again, any black boot will do, but I luurve this one! My ankle black boots got wrecked last Winter, and so I need some new ones quick!

Fujifilm Poloroid Camera | £60

From a scrap booker and photographer, this is like the perfect combination! I’ve been wanting it for years, and so it needed to be included.

iPhone 7

This is a long shot, because they’re so unbelievably expensive, but I mean come on! An awesome camera, and longer battery life, on an iPhone! Perfect!

Bobbi Brown Makeup Tutorial | £20

I actually really love reading through these books, I find them so interesting and give me such a boost for my blog… I feel like I’m filled with so much creativeness when I’ve finished reading one.. and they look beautiful! And this one is definitely at the top of my list!

Morphe 35W | £19.50

Morphe are one of those brands people rave about, and basically every blogger in the world has tried. But, I am yet to try anything from them, and this palette looks like the perfect place to start.

What’s on your wishlist?


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