A Gem in Southampton’s Ice Cream Parlours!


Any of you who live in Southampton – or to be honest have even visited it – will know about Sprinkles.. you will know about our obsession with Ice Cream Parlours! They are all over the place. I feel like Sprinkles and Scoops are the biggest, but, believe it or not, there are more of them! What?! I know, I’ve just shattered every belief you have! But, some of them are better value for money, have better service and are less hectically busy and overwhelming than Sprinkles. One of my favourites, and one I want to tell you today about (and make you really hungry for) is Italian Creams!


Situated near Debenhams at the end of Southampton City Center, Italian Creams has all the weird and wonderful flavours that you would expect from an Ice Cream Parlour. The Candy Floss one is by far one of the sweetest and delicious Ice Creams ever (along with White Chocolate)!

They have a Website and a Facebook if you want to find out more about them!


They also boast a great selection of Waffles, Sundaes and Crepes, which Kevin and I went to eat! They have a create your own, where you can create your perfect waffle, or the actual menu which you can select from. Kevin went for a Banoffee Crepe, and I chose a White Chocolate and Banana Crepe, our order came to £9!


The crepes were cooked to perfection (they’re so easy to burn), the Ice cream was delicious! and, to be honest, this was absolutely scrummy. Kevin and I love to go round Southampton and try different places, and we’ve found some gems in doing so. I feel like, in your own town, try restaurants, cafes and (in this case) Ice Cream Parlours that aren’t huge chains. They tend to be more personalised, friendly, and the atmosphere tends to be less manic.


I’m not going to lie, Southampton’s obsession with Ice Cream Parlours is definitely one of the main reasons why I love to live here! And if any of you come to visit, it’s one of those things you NEED to try! And if you’re in Southampton City Centre going shopping, don’t forget to head round and try out Italian Creams!


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