I often talk about my favourite nail polishes, and share with you all the excessive colours I own, but I don’t give any love to my top coats and base coats. Because, lets face it, we sort of take them for advantage – but they are amazing! And I’ve built up a little collection that I adore!

Base Coats

I only own two base coats, but they are both my favourites. The Nails Inc Nailkale Base Coat is a clear (when applied to the nail) base coat full of loads of ingredients that are really healthy for your nails! It also adds that extra layer so that you don’t stain your nails. The Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Base Coat which has a light colour to it, has a thicker texture, and provides a little extra plumpness to the nail. I love both of them, but I feel the Nails Inc one does more lasting improvement for my nails.


Top Coats

There are two Nail Top Coats that I feel add a little extra shine (but nothing much) and prolong the wear of my Nail Polish a little and they are the Sally Hansen No Chip Top Coat and the Barry M 3in1. However, none of them do a heck of a lot. However the other two top coats prolong the wear of my Nail Polishes for longer than anything else I know.The Barry M Matte Top Coat gives the nail a beautiful matte finish, which looks really classy. While the Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish gives a glossier finish, and – despite the fact it says that it only works with Daylight Curing Nail Polishes – it works beautifully with every nail polish I’ve tried.

What are your favourite base/top coats?


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