Review: Miss Sporty Quads


If any of you watched my £20 makeup challenge, you will know my love of these eyeshadow palettes is high. Miss Sporty is one of those brands that are getting more and more love as time goes on, but they’re a really strong, affordable brand. I thought I would come and talk to you today about one of my favourite products of all time!


These palettes are designed to create one smoke-eyed look. On the back of the palette is basically an instruction manual of how to use them to create that perfect smokey eye. I currently own 2 of the palettes; smokey brown eyes, and smokey purple eyes. Each palette comes with 4 shades; a highlight shade, one for all over the lid, one for the outer third, and one for the crease. They come at £2.99 each, and there are many more shades out there. The eyeshadows are pigmented, blendable, longwearing and completely stunning.


This is smokey purple eyes, I don’t feel like it’s as strong as the Brown eye palette, but they are some stunning shadows that I adore.


Now this one is my favourite! I think it’s the most used palette I’ve ever owned! 4 beautiful, equally pigmented shadows. It creates the most perfect everyday eyeshadow look! Love love love love love love!

These eyeshadow palettes are awesome, you should really give them a go if you can!


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8 thoughts on “Review: Miss Sporty Quads

    1. The brown palette is gorgeous! Basically use them everyday. The palettes are a little restrictive (as they only create one look), but the eyeshadows are really nice!

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