10 Things To Do Alone At Home

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I spent a couple of days off work chilling at home, and actually I’ve found out that I love alone time. Sometimes, I want nothing more than my own company, and I have become very good at keeping myself occupied when I’m home alone, and I thought I would share my favourite things to do when I’m home.

1. Reading. Be it magazines, books, or articles on the internet. I find a day off a great time to read. I love to immerse myself in a great story (currently the Sookie Stackhouse Novels is the one) or reading some magazines for blog inspiration.

2. Online Shopping. I don’t often buy stuff from online because I prefer actual shops – you know, when you can see and feel the products before you purchase. However, it doesn’t mean I don’t like to window shops, and create endless wishlists for my blog! Haha!

3. Drawing. I have a sketch book. It’s about all that remains of my obsessive Art A-Level. And I love to drawer flowers in biro, and I find it somewhat soothing.

4. Organising. I know, doesn’t sound relaxing. But I love to organise stuff, I find the prospect of taking something and making it better really relaxing. On my days off I love to organise my jewellery, makeup or wardrobe. Really don’t know why.

5. Binge Watch TV. I am a Netflix addict. Not something I should be proud of. But I really love to find a show of Netflix and watch it from start to finish. In like 2 days. Favourites (to rewatch over and over) include Vampire Diaries, Skins and Big Bang Theory.

6. Baking/Cooking. I love to bake or cook extravagant recipes. I find it so adult like. I know that sounds sad. But I often feel like a child, and this makes me feel like a grown up… haha!

7. Writing/Filming. I get this is a blogger specific thing, but it’s something I do religiously on a day off. I have a full time job, and so this is the only time I have to do this sort of thing, making it a specifically day off thing to do.

8. Sims. For those of you who don’t know, Sims is a simulation game, where you create people and their houses, and make them live their life. It sounds mundane, and a lot of people find it boring. But I love designing extravagant homes, getting Sims to the top of their careers, maxing out skills, all that jazz. Sims 2 is still the best!

9. YouTube. I’m a YouTube addict – I know Netflix AND Youtube. I have a serious problem. But I love to find new YouTubers (leave your links down below), watching old loves (see my top YouTubers here).

10. Pokemon. No, I’m not talking about Pokemon Go, I’m talking the original Pokemon. You know the ones where you sit still, and your character walks around. I’ve loved these games since I was a child, and it will never stop.

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