100 YouTube Subscribers!


I made it! 100 Subscribers! I know you’re all probably thinking ‘what the hell Katie, it’s only 100, chill the f**k out’. But to me this is a huge milestone! This is my subscriber count while writing this blog post;

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 08.12.34

Thank you all who subscribed, it has literally made my day to reach this. Side note: I’m so close to 500 subscribers on my blog!

I am completely grateful for all of your support, you are all the reason why I keep doing this – I mean I would probably still write and post even if no one was reading – I love the fact that you’re all on this journey with me!

Wow, this blog post is so soppy!

I will leave some of my most popular videos here;

I love you all!


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