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So we all know I love a bit of shopping – in fact I love shopping just a little too much – and while scrolling through (well basically) every website out there, there’s a little advert at the side for ROMWE. So I thought I would check it out and create a little list of things I wish I could buy from there.

Navy Skirt | £16.55 – I’ve wanted a skirt exactly like this for ages! I feel like they’re so classy and sophisticated and they always look far more expensive than they are.

Graffiti Dress | £8.21 – Now Kevin hates this dress, but I actually love it. I feel like it’s the perfect bright party dress that would be so figure flattering and I think it’s gorgeous!

Suede Chunky Heel Boot | £26.50 – These shoes are literally heaven in a shoe. I mean come on, they’re completely stunning.

3 Piece Eyeshadow Set | £3.57 – Bit of a strange one from the clothes shop, but I noticed they had beauty section, and so thought I would take a browse. These eyeshadow brushes look exactly like what I’m missing in my collection right now, and so are right up my street.

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Camel Brimmed Hat | £5.01 – I’m really starting to love hats right now, and I feel like this is just the perfect addition to my collection!

White Floral Jumpsuit | £4.94 – I should’ve seen this 2 months ago, before Summer started, and actually it would’ve been perfect for Turkey. So pretty and colourful!

White T-Shirt Rainbow | £5.72 – A basic tee, but I thought it was really cute with it’s little rainbow! Too cute!

Green Open Shoulder Top | £5.66 – I love this style of top, I find them really flattering on my figure, and so this just seemed like an obvious decision.

White Cat Shirt | £2.86 – My nickname through a lot of school was kittykat, and so I feel like this shirt is just a perfect summary of my school life. Plus, it’s really cute!

White Knit Top | £7.87 – You can’t go wrong with a shite shirt, and the open shoulder, subtle V neck, long sleeves, and knit texture would just be so flattering!

Burgandy Babydol Dress | £9.31 – With a pair of tights, black tights, and a chunky necklace this would look amazing in winter! So perfect!

White Lace Criss Cross Dress | £9.85 – Another piece I wish I’d seen months ago. I feel like it would look stunning chucked over a bikini on holiday. So pretty, look at that lace detail!

I hope you enjoyed my little wishlist. Have you ever ordered from ROMWE before? And what was your favourite piece?


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