Blogging Routine

blogging routine

When I write a blog post it goes in a regular pattern, and my Blogging Routine has changed drastically over the years, but I’ve now settled into a Routine that works best for me.

First thing to say is I bulk write blog posts, because I get two days of a week, I spend one of them writing blog posts for the week. First things first, I read other people’s blogs, magazines, online Beauty websites, or a sit in front of my makeup collection looking through everything I own to think of Blog Post ideas. I make notes of 10+ blog posts in my notebook and then select my favourite few.

Then research. Sometimes this takes no time at all because it’s all my personal opinions. However, with new product releases, reviews or general information on something I take to Google (I know, classic) and I research a little.

I write first, before taking photos. This is because I used to take photos first, and then realised there was a product I wanted to talk about that wasn’t in the photo – this was literally the bane of my life and I had to decide whether to start the photo process again or just hope you guys don’t notice. I’m really bad at proof reading though – sorry.

Then photos. Now this is by far my favourite section, being really into photography and having loved taking photos for years, this was the main reason I started my blog. Currently I take my flat lays on some sticky black marble paper. I lay all the products out until I’m happy and then I take about 50 photos – because I’m a massive perfectionist. I export them onto my laptop and up the brightness on Photoscape X (an app on Macbooks, it’s free, just check the App Store).

Export them onto the blog, chose one for a featured image, stick the blog post in a Category and schedule (as all my blog posts – as I said – are prewritten. Then a day later I reply to comments, check on it’s progress and share on social media.

Simple as.

Does your routine differ much from mine?


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4 thoughts on “Blogging Routine

  1. I also write out my post before I take pictures. I use my post to outline the things I want to say in the post. I also think research is important because I always like to make sure I am fully explaining things in my posts.


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