My Makeup Story

makeup story

So makeup for me is a slow process. I didn’t get into it straight away it took a few years. I thought it would be fun to show you some of the different makeup styles I’ve had over the last few years, similar to a hair story, but a little different.


I started in year 11 wearing sparkly blue eyeliner and a little light mascara and some tinted lip balm. I only wore this makeup for special occasions, and dodgy selfies – like this one – but I loved it back then!


My school levers prom, and the first time I’d ever worn a full face of makeup. I had a friend of mine do it for me, and I remember being confused why product after product was being applied to my face. And even laughing my head of when she got a pencil out and started on my brows – oh I was so innocent.


First year of University, and OMG I need to sort out my brows, what the hell is wrong with me?!?!?! But I started wearing concealer, black eyeliner and black mascara everyday. This was my downward spiral into makeup! Haha!


Here I am today wearing bright red lipsticks, full on eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, foundation and basically every makeup item under the sun! Now I feel like I know what I’m doing, I’m comfortable in my ability to apply makeup and I started blogging, YouTube and have a ridiculous makeup collection.

I hope you enjoy seeing how my makeup has changed over the last few years! How has your makeup style changed?


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