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We all know that Nail Polish is one of those things that people either love or hate to apply and after chewing my nails for the first 20 years of my life (I know disgusting) my nails are in a terrible state, and so this is my DIY At Home Manicure that I do to keep my nails in the best condition I can.

Step 1 – Remove Nail polish and Clean Nails.

There is only one nail polish remove that I swear by and that’s Cutex. Their nail polish remover that I use is the Moisture Guard Nail Polish remover that protects against breaking and helps to further whiten your nails. This is specifically designed for dry nails, because – just like your skin – we all have different nails that require different care.

Step 2 – Treat the Nails

First things first I apply hand cream, because this will further help to moisturise your hands, and so nails. I’m currently using the Soap and Glory Hand Food hand cream, it’s a beautiful, soft hand cream that isn’t greasy. Then oils, almond oil specifically, these help to further put moisture into you nails. I’m currently using the Body Shop Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil which has a brush to apply the oil onto your nail and then a rubber end to push your cuticles back.

Step 3 – Let it all Sink In

I then leave this for a good 5 minutes and let everything sink in, and then clean my hands using some soap. Nothing exciting.

Step 4 – Nail File

Taking a metal nail file (I can’t deal with the paper ones, they just fall apart) and I reshape my nails and make them shorter. Then buff the end off to make it smooth.

Step 5 – Base Coat

Currently I’m using the Nails Inc Nail Kale Base Coat. This may be pricey, but works really well as a Nail Care treatment as well as a base coat. It’s really important to use a base coat so that your nails don’t get stained.

Step 5 – Nail Paint

Now the colour, this changes everyday obviously. But my favourite formulas are definitely Barry M Gelly Hi Shine, Nails Inc, Rimmel, Lottie London and Sally Hansen.

Step 6 – Top Coat

I have a few of these on the go, but the top coat I have been LOVING recently is the Barry M Matte Top Coat. This is stunning, I am loving the matte nail polishes at the moment, and this is like having an entirely new nail polish collection in one top coat. It also prolongs the wear of my nail polish significantly. I love this so much! You should definitely try this!

And that’s that. My nails are in such bad condition at the moment that I find myself doing this at least once a week! How to do you manicure your own nails at home?



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