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I have to be honest, I love me a scented candle. When I’m spending time at home, I love my room to smell delicious. But I’m also terrible at only burning one candle, I get bored very quickly, and so I often have a number of candles on the go. So I thought I would share with you what I’m currently burning.


Ultimate Gift Packs Sweet Candles – these three mini candles (Drumsticks, Love Hearts and Refreshers) all basically smell like sugar. They’re based around some of my favourite childhood sweets and so I feel so nostalgic when I burn these.


You Light Up My World Vanilla Candle – this was given to me in a Valentines gift set, so to be honest I have no idea where you could buy this. However, it’s just vanilla, a simple, but delicious Vanilla candle. If I had to pick one scent for the rest of my life to burn forever, it would be Vanilla, hands down.


Amphora Aromatics Orange and Clove Candle – I got this in a Latest In Beauty Box that was basically all orange themed. I feel like Orange is another scent I really enjoy and mixed with the clove it makes it smell so homely and fresh. Plus, this candle is super cute.


Primark Candle – these candles (unless you buy a specifically scented candles) don’t smell of a lot. But the pot was really cute, and I live by the sea – so I felt like it was a necessity…


IKEA Candles – these are the cheapest of the candles here, they’re 85p. I have two of them – Vanilla and Full Blossom – they’re not the strongest smelling candles, but they do fill your room with scent when they’ve been burning for some time, and the jars are really useful.


Yankee Candles – now these are the complete opposite to IKEA candles, they’re hella expensive, really strong smelling, burn for ages, and the jars aren’t so useful after they’ve finished. I have two scents currently; Fireside Treats (basically smells like you’re burning marshmellows over a fire…. hmmm) and Summer Scoop (which smells of strawberry/raspberry icecream).

I am a candle fanatic, I really have to admit that… sorry. So I thought I would share with you what I’m currently burning. I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know down below some of your favourite candles for me to try out!


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