How To Blog On a Budget

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Being a University student and trying to keep up a blog can be quite difficult. Whether we like to admit it or not we end up spending a lot of money on products and thing to blog about. However, it is possible to blog on a budget and so I thought I would share with you some tips and tricks on how to blog on a budget.

  1. Write reviews on products you already own – you have a drawer/bag full of makeup, and I can almost guarantee you haven’t written a review on everything in it! So take a nose through your collection and take inspiration straight from there.
  2. Write lifestyle posts – obviously if you’re a beauty blogger this can’t be all the time. But lifestyle posts are about your life, which you already live. And so no extra money will need to be spent on this!
  3. Photoshop is your best friend – if you have a super cheap camera or you’re taking photos on your phone (for example) they will probably be quite dark. There are plenty of photoshop apps online (e.g. Picmonkey) that will add some lightness back into the photo
  4. Review budget brands – this may not be something you envisage doing when you started your blog. But if you’re really strapped for cash, other people out there may be as well. So reviewing super budget brands will be a way for you to try new products and not spend an insane amount of money!
  5. Use what you have – this applies to products, technology and background props, lighting anything. Windows and sunlight will trump any studio lights, everyone will have little things to use in their flatlays to make them more interesting. And if you can’t find anywhere to take photos, just do what I did; buy some marble sticky back paper.

I hope these tips are helpful to you, I know it’s a difficult thing to do; blog on a budget. But, it is possible, and I feel like it becomes easier over time.


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