Travel Bucketlist

I recently went abroad without my parents for the first time and now I’ve caught the travel bug. I want to travel the world and visit countless countries/cities. However there are some that I am specifically interested in visiting. And I thought I would share them with you.

Vancouver, Canada

bucketlist 1

Dublin, Ireland

travel list

Naples, Italy

travelllist 2

Vienna, Austria

trave lis 1

Sicily, Italy

travel list 1

Venice, Italy

travel list 2

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

travel list 3

New York City, USA

travel list 4

Barcelona, Spain

travel list 5

Buenos, Argentina

travel list 6

Hong Kong, China

travel list 7

Don’t those photos all look stunning in one place? It’s basically every travellers dream to visit all their places on their Travel Bucketlist, and maybe one day I’ll finish mine!


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