How To: Capsule Wardrobe


Capsule wardrobes were absolutely huge a few months ago, but it’s something I have always strived for, and so something I’ve been researching for a while. The idea is you have only 37 items, which you rotate every single season. These items are versatile pieces that you can mix and match with each other to produce a variety of different outfits. Obviously, as you can count, you can tell there aren’t 37 items, there are only 24. But, that’s because the other items will be beautiful pieces you pick up from Zara or Whistles or shops like that, that you completely adore and wear to death. Above are the basics you NEED.

Unfortunately I can’t commit to a capsule wardrobe. So, instead, I keep my full wardrobe, stuffed to the brim of everything, and then put tags on the hangers that I deem as my ‘Capsule wardrobe essentials’ i.e. those items I can reach for, without thinking, that will go with everything, and make me feel amazing!

What are your thoughts on the whole capsule wardrobe thing?


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