Topshop SALE Wishlist


Everyone loves a good sale right? Topshop sales are absolutely amazing, second to Zara! So, I thought I would go through Topshop’s online Sale and chose some complete steals to share with you!

Frayed Brim Fedora || £22 £10

Since buying my first black fedora, I have fallen in love with this style of hat. And this frayed straw hat is the Summer equivalent! Love love love!

MOTO Stripe Denim Dungaree || £49 £25

Dungarees are another thing I have fallen in love with, and I feel like these are a really unique, summery take on them. I think they’re really cool and timeless and have the whole “country bumpkin” look to it.

Funfair Knotted Sandals || £39 £20

These are just beautiful. I’ve been wanting sandals that tie around your ankles for ages! So these ones are just perfect!

Nickle Two-Part Sandals || £59 £35

For those classy Summer events these sandals just look beautiful. So effortless and beautiful and they’ll go with absolutely everything!

Mesh Floral Prom Style Skirt || £60 £30

I have wanted to buy a long skirt for years, but I’ve never actually known if I could pull it off. So, these skirts always go into my wishlists, but not sure if I’d ever commit to buying one…

Raw Edge Buckle A-Line Skirt || £42 £15

Paired with black tights, black ankle boots and a white shirt, this would just look amazing! I’m really getting into skirts at the moment, and yes, yes, yes!

Crochet Insert Sundress || £32 £18

A really pretty, effortless, Summery dress. I love love love these style of dresses, so this is definitely right up my street!

Ok, so now I want to go shopping… whoops… but I hope you enjoy seeing what I would buy from Topshop!


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2 thoughts on “Topshop SALE Wishlist

  1. Such lovely picks! I was able to snag a few pieces earlier, and I’m in love with them! I kind of want to go back and get some more but I know I should be good, haha. 🙂 Love your blog!


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