10 Thoughts Every Vlogger Has

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I have been vlogging for some times now (17 weeks to be more exact!), and have experienced vlogging at home, in public, at work, on holiday, with family, and I feel like I know what it’s like. These are 10 thoughts that I have (more or less) every week while vlogging.

  1. OMG this lighting is amazing! Pause for a thumbnail… oh no it’s gone again.. goddammit
  2. Does anyone actually care what I’m doing…
  3. *Watching Zoella’s vlog’s* “How does she do such exciting things, all I do is go to work, eat (too much) food, and organise stuff
  4. *Talks for 5 mins* “5 minutes of talking?! I’m going to have to edit most of that out now
  5. *Vlogging in public* “Ah s**t, she’s looking at me, she thinks I’m insane… I’m not talking to my camera… I’m just… well… talking to my camera”
  6. *Editing video* “45 mins worth of footage, what did I even do this week?!… wait that’s only 45 mins, that’s less than an hour out of an entire week!”
  7. Why didn’t I pause for (more than one) thumbnail, I can’t find decent screenshots anywhere
  8. I forgot to say goodnight… for the third night in a row… I’m such a terrible vlogger
  9. My makeup looks amazing in these clips, why doesn’t it always look like that?!
  10. In a few years time, I’m going to look back on all of these vlogs and see how far I’ve come… ok, let’s face it, I wont

I hope you enjoyed todays post, I just thought it would be something different, and a little fun today on my blog! My YouTube link, as always, is at the bottom of the blog post. Anyone else who vlogs, let me know down below, with a link to your YouTube channel! <3


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