Affordable Date Night Ideas


Many times in my life have I wanted to arrange the perfect date night, but not been able to afford something as extravagant as a balloon ride or an expensive meal out, and so I have mastered the technique of affordable, romantic date nights.

  1. Film Night – might sound lame, but Kevin and I find a TV series to get addicted to, get hold of some drinks and chocolate and binge watch to the excess
  2. Picnic – who doesn’t love food? But the privacy of a picnic allows you to really get to know each other. But if it’s raining/cold – which let’s face it, if you live in England and have luck like mine – then have it inside. Dim the lights, put a picnic rug out, put some of those glow in the dark stars up, hey presto, you’re basically outside.
  3. Bake – this could lead nicely into number 2 if you want, and (trust me) you don’t have to be good at baking! But sometimes it’s nice to do something together that’s practical, and baking as a team is so much better than baking alone! (Plus, he helps with the blog photos….)
  4. Walk – walk helps stress, relaxes you, and gives you the opportunity to talk. Find somewhere beautiful near where you live – the sea, the park, the countryside, I don’t know – and watch the sunset, or a meteorite shower, or well, anything.
  5. Take a class – I know anyone who’s left education never ever wants to go back but take a sports class, art class, dance class, it doesn’t matter. Learning something together gives you a common interest, and therefore more to talk about and do together.
  6. Create a bucket list – I know this is theoretically not a date night, but go to a local cafe or your kitchen – up to you – and create a list of all the things you two want to achieve together before the end of.. the summer, the year, ever…
  7. Go on a (mini) road trip – either get in a car, on a bus, or on a train and go somewhere different. Then go explore, try a local cafe, see what’s around, snap some photos, you never know what you’ll find!

What are your perfect affordable date night ideas? Let me – and anyone else reading – know by commenting below!


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