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Like many of you, I spend way too many hours sitting and watching YouTube. It’s actually one of my favourite past times – along with reading books, blogs, and eating! haha! And I have shared with you some of my favourite bloggers, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite YouTubers – both big and shall – that I just can’t live without right now.

PS: these are not in order.. I’m not that decisive, and there are A LOT more YouTubers I watch, these are just those YouTubers where I watch every video.. and I mean every video!

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Hannah Maggs – here

Subscribers: 46,715

It’s a new channel, but she’s definitely not new to YouTube. However, this channel is full of beauty, lifestyle and chatty videos (I say full.. there are 5 videos! Haha!). She uploads once a week, but her content is clean, well put together and amazing quality!

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Charlie Grace – here

Subscribers: 1079

The smallest YouTuber of the group, but still one of my favs! I just find her voice so relaxing! haha! If you like makeup videos, hauls, and unboxings, then this is your girl.

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Sophdoesnails – here

Subscribers: 47,409

Her makeup is just flawless. I feel like this is where I go to see a beautiful, colourful, and unique makeup look. Yet, still one that I will be able to copy. Really down to earth!

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Cherry Wallis – here

Subscribers: 219,577

Very into her special effects and Harry Potter, I feel like Cherry is a little different from the ‘typical beauty vlogger’.

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Zoella – here

Subscribers: 10,811,596

Get ready for a stereotypical post. Yes, Zoella was the first YouTuber I ever watched. To be honest, I saw her on Celebrity Bake Off, and I was just intrigued who she was, and it all grew from there.

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Sophie Louise – here

Subscribers: 83,444

She actually makes me laugh. Like out loud. With a mixture between weekly vlogs, silly videos, hauls, and hilarious makeup videos, I feel like her channel is definitely one of my favourites!

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RachhLoves – here

Subscribers: 1,035,050

Another funny YouTuber. Her editing is on fleek (if you can even say that!). However, her content is amazing, to the point, and it’s just awesome.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 22.02.07

Jazzybum – here

Subscribers: 325,888

I absolutely love this girl! Her hair is awesome. She does these weekly series of DIYs/Hacks, as well as her usual hauls and stuff and I love her!

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Gabriella – here

Subscribers: 889,750

I feel like this is another youtuber everyone knows about. But I love Gabriella’s content, it’s always so beautiful. And her cat is too cute! Her vlogging channel is also amazing!

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 22.03.32

Freddy My Love – here

Subscribers: 367,148

Freddy was – and still is – a model, and she’s beautiful. Her fashion is so elegant, her channel is so perfectly put together.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 22.04.43

Emily Rose – here

Subscribers: 14,695

I’ve followed this girl for ages, and I seriously don’t understand why her channel hasn’t grown more?! With makeup reviews, hauls, and makeup tutorials, I love her.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favourite YouTubers! Who are yours? Leave them down below!


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