Zoella’s Novel ‘Girl Online’ Review


Yes, I know I am miles behind on the trend, but I’ve been reading A LOT recently and I just thought I would share with you my opinions on one of the biggest book releases of last few years!

So, first things first, I know this book wasn’t written entirely by Zoe, she had help with the writing style, grammar, plot, the whole shebang (what a word!). And, although the story is not autobiographical, I think it really helps the story that Zoe has experienced some of these plot lines first hand. And, I am not judging at all that she had help, lets face it, a lot of authors nowadays have help with their books… it’s what eliminates mistakes?!


Onto the book itself. So, without ruining the plot line, the book is about a young 15-year-old, Brighton girl (Penny Porter) who blogs about her everyday life anonymously via the online name ‘Girl Online’. Her family go to New York for her mum’s work and it’s there she meets Noah, and they fall in love and she helps her get over her fears and everything that’s holding her back. However, (ooh I’m going to be really ominous right now) he’s hiding a secret that could ruin their friendship/relationship.

So, the over all plot line – lonely girl meets dreamy guy in America and falls in love, however he’s hiding a horrible secret – is nothing new and all that inspiring. However, the fact that it’s set in very modern day, with blogging, and text messages and viral blogs/videos, makes it stand out. Her characters are strong, believable, and (possibly most important) likeable. And her plot line is clear and easy to follow.

Now I’m not claiming this is a masterpiece that sits on my shelves of most loved books ever – like Bram Stoker’s Dracula (for example) – and I don’t think I’d recommend it to my mum. However, if my step sister (who’s 16) asked for a great book to read on her Summer holiday I would 100% recommend it. It’s a feel good, easy read, and if that’s what you’re looking for in your life right now, then this is your book.


I didn’t want to go in too much depth about this book. As, to be honest, I didn’t want to ruin it for those in the world who haven’t read it – which by now I would assume is no one… But I wanted to share my thoughts and views on, what was probably, the most hyped about book of that year.

Have you read it? If so, what were your thoughts?


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