Full Face of Makeup for Under £25!

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So, I tried the £20 makeup challenge not that long ago, and while I found some great products for my eyes, my base products basically sucked… and so I’ve increased the budget to £25 – which, by the way, has made a huge difference – and I’m going to share with you some amazing budget options. Think of it as an affordable, possibly starter, makeup kit/look!

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To start off with I’m going to begin with the Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation (£7.99), now I completely adore this foundation! It has a beautiful matte finish without the horrible drying effect (I know, incredibly right?). The coverage is sort of medium, and so a great all round foundation, and it feels super light weight. I would highly recommend this! Then, as this covers basically everything I want it to, I’m using the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (£5.49) under my eyes to brighten everything up. Yes I know, I’m not using my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, while this is still my favourite and it’s actually cheaper, at £4.19, I honestly juts felt like mixing things up a little.


To keep everything where I want it, I’m going to finish off with the Collection Pressed Powder (£1.99) – yes, I didn’t include the concealer, but I couldn’t not include Collection. This is nothing massively impressive, but for £1.99, it does the job. When starting out with makeup, or doing makeup in a rush, using bronzer and highlighter can be a few steps too far, and so I’m using the MUA Blush in Candy Floss, which is just a beautiful, easy to wear, pink, which actually sorta doubles up as a highlighter – added bonus.

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Right we all know eyes are where it’s at. And I HAD to include my Miss Sporty Eyeshadow Quad in Brown Eyes (£2.99). This has in it everything you could ever need to produce a natural nude/brown eye look. The colours are pigmented, blend well, and ultimately for the price you pay for them, you couldn’t possibly ask for anything more. Instead of adding a liner, I would use the darker shade from this palette as a liner – simple, easy and natural. To finish off the eye I’m going to use the MUA Mega Volume Mascara (£3), while the brush for this is way too big, and you have to be a little big careful not to get clumpy eyelashes – unless this is the look you’re going for, then fire on ahead. However, this works wonders for your eyelashes for very little money. So it’s a win win.

And then to finish off the whole look, an MUA Lipstick. To be honest you can use any of them. They’re only £1-2, depending on what formula you get. And while the quality of them does vary a little from shade to shade, ultimately you’re paying £1 for them! And they do actually last a fair amount of time, they’re not drastically drying and they come in more or less every colour out there.

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So, that’s my makeup look for less than £25. While it’s nothing dramatic or exciting, it’s cheap, affordable and easy – what more could a girl want? Plus, I would actually rate these products as acceptable… unlike some of the products I used in my £20 makeup challenge…

I hope you enjoyed reading this, as always comment down below any products you’re loving that are super affordable, or even your entire makeup for under £25! I love hearing from you!


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