Quick Life and Blog Update


Hi guys!

A quick life and blog update for you! So, as you may be aware by now, I have been taking a short break from blogging. I recently got a new job at Superdrug and spent a week in Turkey and so I took a little time away from the blog. I have been staying active on YouTube over this time – filming WAY to many hauls. So, if you would like to go watch them, here‘s the link.

So, I’m back again! And I know how much you lot enjoyed by 30 day blog post challenge I did – and I thoroughly enjoyed it too. So, I’m back again to post for every day in July! I will be starting on the 1st July with 50 blog post ideas – so you can sorta see what I’m planning to post over the next month.

Look forward to an update about my holiday, some fashion blog posts (eek!), my goals, blogging tips, and (hopefully) some interviews, as well as my standard makeup blog posts.

I hope you guys are as excited as me to be back again with a blog post every day. This time I’m not going to set myself a specific schedule – I found that a little challenging last time. So if there are any blog posts you would specifically like me to write, let me know down below.

Happy blogging!


4 thoughts on “Quick Life and Blog Update

  1. Its nice to take a break once a while. I also take time off, when I feel like I lack new ideas or life becomes bit too much. Looking forward to more lovely posts and congrats on your new job !



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