Summer Nail Polish Picks!

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So for all of you who don’t know me, 1. hello!, and 2. I am a massive Nail Polish addict. Like literally it’s getting outta hand. So I thought I would share with you today some of my favourite picks for Summer! I thought I’d organise it by brand rather than colour, because it’d be easier to talk about. So enjoy!

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine
Sugar Apple (Mint Green)
Cotton (White)
Satsuma (Dark Orange)
Papaya (Light Orange)
Blueberry (Blue)

Seriously by now, you should know I LOVE these nail polishes. They look beautiful, you only need two coats, they last a good 4 days without chipping. And these colours are just beautiful!

Barry M Nail Polishes
Full Throttle (Quick Dry Orange)
Mediterranean (Pink/Gold)
Persian (Purple/Gold)

Some more of my favourites from my favourite brand! These nail polishes are still beautiful! Full Throttle really requires 3 coats (which is a bit of a pain), but those Aquarium Collection Nail Polishes are to die for! Literally love them. Read my review of them here.

Maybelline Super Stay
Magenta Surge

I actually really love this formula, and feel like it doesn’t get enough love over here on my blog! But this is just a beautiful vibrant barbie pink! Much love!

Nails Inc
Soho Place (Green)
Covent Garden Place (Pink

Nails Inc. Oh Nails Inc. Now, these nail polishes are absolutely gorgeous! Literally stunning! And I would own them all, because they apply beautifully, they only need 2 coats, they last forever… however they come with a hefty price tag of £15 a bottle…so…

Glaston-Berry (Red)
Hot Tropicana (Pink)

These two colours are just stunning! They’re a nice formula. What I love about these nail polishes are that the brushes are a really great size, so it takes a matter of seconds to apply!

Wide Awake (Orange)

Seems to be a tradition with orange nail polishes, this requires 3 coats really, but it’s a beautiful deep orange. And I love it loads!

Red Mistress (Red… obviously)

For the bottle, this has my vote, and I completely love it. However, it needs A LOT of coats… so not entirely sure it that respect. But still a beautiful classic red.

Revlon Nail Polish
Gold Coin (Gold)
Bohemian (Blue Shimmer)

Mayan Riviera (Blue/Green Chunk Glitter)

I really don’t like their nude nail polishes.. however, their shimmery or glitter nail polishes are on fleek! (if a nail polish can be) These colours are beautiful, and the glitters just look stunning on their own or on top of other colours! Love Love Love!

So, I hope you enjoyed this! Much love!


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    1. I know! So do I. I’m getting to starting to get to that point now that if I want anymore I need to go to the big superdrug/boot stores, or go online. Because I own like 100 :/ xx

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