15 more Bloggers I’m Loving | May 2016

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So, you guys really enjoyed my last 15 of My Favourite Bloggers, so I thought I’d write another one. Plus, we all need to share some love! These are blogs that I love and I am subscribed to and I believe you should follow all of them! Now! So I just thought I would leave a sentence or two about their blog! Enjoy!

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She’s a blogger from which I’ve learnt so much from. She blogs a lot about things I’ve never heard of, but after buying some of them, her recommendations are amazing!

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She’s a stay at home mum who blogs about not only her life but some really in-depth reviews of products. Love her style and how in-depth she goes!

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Her blog posts are so concise, with a beautiful photo and then a few paragraphs telling you about whatever she’s telling you about. I find her writing so easy to read. But one of those blogs you’ve probably all heard of!

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You’ve all probably heard of this girl by now! However, I wanted to include her because if you’re looking for blog posts to help you with your own blog, look now further than this blog! For help it’s incredible!

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This girl has a seriously awesome fashion sense! Every couple of days she uploads photos of her OOTD. And she is one beautiful person!

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Mystic Tales is a modern, clean and beautiful blog with some really lovely content. I can’t help but lose myself reading through all of her content (whoops!). Definitely one to follow.

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If you like pink, you’ll like this blog! Haha! But her blog posts are intensive, lots of words and lots of photos. So if you like to follow a blog where you can read about her life, her loves, and her favourite products then you’ll enjoy it too!

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She has come out of nowhere, this blog been going for about 3 months and she already has 100+ followers?! But if you are looking for a blog about life, tags, rambles and everything in-between this is your blog!

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If you think her little logo is adorable, you don’t know anything yet. Her photos are all so different and unique and I get so much inspiration from her!

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Some more beautiful photos, lovely content and another blog to check out!

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Another blog with beautiful photos! They are literally to die for! And her content is just so beautiful! And to be honest she’s just so beautiful…

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Her posts are so honest and varied. And if you like a blog where they write a lot, you’ll love this. Her pictures are beautiful, but it’s her written content that I love!

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Her flatlays are all so beautiful, yet so different, I don’t know how she does it. She also comes our with some really nice unique posts like ‘is blogging dying’, definitely one to follow!

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Her photos are to die for, and her style is so clean, modern and stunning! She also has some amazing tips on how to get your life sorted – which I really appreciate.

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If you like quick to the point reviews, this is your girl! Her writing style is actually quite funny and I love her review style; pros (in a few words), cons (in a few words), then a comment – simple.


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